What positions for deep penetration?

It's not enough to just hold sex to hold it. But it is necessary to have the ability to deeply penetrate your partner. To do this, there are positions to adopt. Which ones?

The anvil position

The anvil position is one of many positions. It consists of the partner lying on her back while directing her legs upwards. The partner will then take care of penetrating his sweetheart. The anvil position seems to be the position best adopted by the majority because of its ease of implementation. For those who do not master the position, still called "the missionary's variant", a trick exists. This one recommends a cushion to slide over the pelvis in order to move the angle of penetration on purpose.

The oyster union position

It is the improved version of the anvil position. The process is almost identical to the previous position. The point of dissimilarity lies in the fact that the legs will no longer be oriented upwards. It will be rather a question of folding the knees against the bust which is his. The man then assaults the crotch of his wife while being on his knees. He takes support on the thighs to restore his force which will enable him to accelerate the pressure on the clitoris. The bed and the shower are the places suitable for the position of the union of the oyster.

The Andromache position

We cannot talk about deep penetration in its completeness without mentioning this position. The Andromache position obliges the man to lie on his back to allow the woman to play the leading roles. Playing the leading roles will be an opportunity for the latter to ride her man. From the control of the rhythm to the penetration through the sense of movement, nothing should escape her. The objective is to be able to seize his penis in order to place it in the ideal place. However, women who are passionate about the Andromache position should know that it is painful for the penis. Vigilance thus!