How does the 69 position work?

The 69 position is a very common position in Kamasutra, and it is one of the sexual practices that gives pleasure to both partners simultaneously without penetration. However, you should not be afraid to practice oral sex to succeed in this preliminary. How to proceed? 

The basic rules of 69

As mentioned in the brief introduction, 69 is an oral sex practice. It provides almost the same pleasure as penetration and even orgasm. To begin, both lovers should position themselves head to toe so that their sex is completely exposed. The man can lie on top of the woman or the woman on top of the man. The main thing is to adopt a comfortable position. 

The most daring and strongest men in the arms can also try to practice this standing position. Therefore, they require good muscles and a minimum of physical training. The principle of 69 is that the oral sex act is done simultaneously. It can be considered a full-fledged sexual relationship in the sense that both partners can give each other a sexual orgasm without penetration. Since it is a very complete movement, this single sexual position can be used as foreplay. 

The advantages of practicing the 69 position

The 69 position is very easy to apply when you have a soft touch, and it provides many benefits to both partners who practice it. Indeed, adopting this position creates many fantasies and increases much more the libido because of a much closer vision of the intimacy of his or her partner. It is even reported that men are much more excited by the 69 than women. 

Moreover, it is a position which does not require much technicality and difficulty. You just have to lie head to toe on top of each other to start practicing it. It also allows to create an atmosphere of more intense confidence between the two partners who let themselves go without embarrassment to any form of sensuality. However, this position can cool the ardor of the couple because of the lack of eye contact.