How to avoid STIs?

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are very common these days. They occur in both men and women. But what precautions should be taken against these infections? How to avoid them?

Protect yourself

Condoms are one of the safest ways to protect yourself from most STIs. To avoid sexually transmitted infections, you should avoid unprotected sex. Also, condoms should not be used just before penetration. But it should be placed even before foreplay, because some sexual touching during foreplay can be risky.

For example, oral sex without a condom can be a source of contamination because the AIDS virus and other viruses can be transmitted easily through seminal fluid and semen. 

Get tested regularly 

Condoms can prevent most STIs, but condoms alone are not enough. It is important to get tested regularly. Regular testing allows for early detection of STIs and prompt treatment. It also allows people to become aware and to behave better so as not to transmit the disease to other people. 

Testing is also important for the trust between the two partners. Both partners should get tested together. Don't hesitate to get vaccinated. It is true that there is no vaccine against some types of STIs such as AIDS, mononucleosis, or chlamydia, but there is an effective vaccine against other types of STIs. 

Respecting hygiene measures

Respecting certain rules of hygiene can also protect you from STIs. Whether you are a man or a woman, you should take care of your privacy and make sure your partner does the same. 

Before you finger your partner, make sure you wash your hands properly. Some STIs such as HPV can be transmitted through the fingers. 

For oral sex, don't neglect the condom. Also, it is important to make sure there are no sores on your partner's penis or vagina.