Discovering the knee technique during sex

When you think about it, there is no particular connection between the knee and sexual intercourse. However, there is a connection. The knee thing even gives a lot of pleasure. It makes a lot of buzz on social networks. How is it done? 

How is the knee thing practiced?

Beyond all expectations, it is a technique as old as the world. It has certainly already been used unconsciously by beginners or sex lovers. It consists in stimulating the intimate parts of his or her partner with the knee. It is an act that can be performed during foreplay to increase libido. When asked how it is practiced, the answer is quite simple. It consists of gently sliding your knee between your partner's thighs during foreplay. 

This creates an intense stimulation of the genitals. The friction induced on the clitoris or penis and the regular, gentle pressure movements lead to greater arousal. The Knee thing can help to reach orgasm quickly. This technique has become very popular on social networks especially because of its many benefits. 

The reasons why the Knee thing has become very popular

The Knee thing has become very popular especially because of its publication on the social network TikTok. It is an application that is full of a thousand and one tips on different areas, both useful and trivial. In addition, many comedians shoot funny videos on it. In this context, it is obvious that sex tips are included. 

Even though some influencers are known as professionals in sharing sex tips, the popularity of their posts depends on the amount of sharing that people do. So it is because of these posts mentioning the hashtag kneeThing that this technique has become very popular. Practicing it could somehow spice up the intimate relations between two partners.