Dating - Male chastity cage : Operation and use

Male chastity cage : Operation and use

The male chastity cage is an intriguing accessory in the field of BDSM, designed to restrict the erection and intensify the experience of submission. Its operation is based on a concept of total control, where the wearer is at the mercy of their dominant partner. This practice is part of a dynamic of erotic play where sexual desire is channeled and orgasmic satisfaction is subject to the good will of the other.How does a chastity cage work ?The chastity cage works depending on the specific model you have, but in general it consists of a sturdy plastic, silicone or metal sleeve, enveloping the penis, and a securing device, often a ring behind the testicles or a strap around the hips. Do not hesitate to consult the site for Cage Exploration.Some flexible models do not require a ring or...