What are the benefits of virginity?

Satisfying sexual desires is a matter of choice. It is possible for any woman to opt for virginity. Does this option have advantages? If so, what are they?

The benefit of esteem

Virginity is a woman's willingness to not or never taste sexual delights. Abstaining until marriage is the most common case. This will, which is becoming more and more rare in the current generation, inspires greatness and especially esteem. Who says esteem, says good appreciation and especially respect. This esteem is shown when the virgin woman is in her home. It is only there that she can truly enjoy the fruits of many years of voluntary sacrifices. Between joy, consideration and honor of the matrimonial family and the one of origin, the virgin can take it easy.

Virginity: A therapy for nymphomania

It is not uncommon to come across women who are haunted by an uncontrolled and uncontrollable urge for sex. The experts in sexology soon gave the name "nymphomania" to this abnormality developed in this target group. This pathology dictates its law to the sexually active female in most cases. It is at this stage that virginity celebrates its hour of glory since the virgin until marriage cannot be confronted with this malaise once at home. The opposite would have been surprising because, who has never tasted can't take taste.

Virginity, the anti-STI

The sensation of sexual intercourse cannot be an excuse for fanatics to lose sight of the risk of Sexually Transmitted Infections that they run. The permanent threat hangs like a sword of Damocles if the woman, in this case, is a specialist in multiple sexual partnerships and/or skilled in unprotected sex. The only credible and totally free alternative to get out of the way of these sexual reproductive health gangrene (STI) is to go to virginity school. Allegiance is once again given to virgin girls with all the honors due to their rank.